Shahryar Hassan Khan


Saad Naseem

CPP Director

Momin Ali Khan


Shahryar is a veteran of the Pakistan Army’s elite Special Service Group. He specializes in Anti-Terrorist training, Close Protection and Evasive driving, Explosive handling and Para-Trooping besides remaining employed in active operational duties against terrorism. He also has the distinction of being Chief Security Officer to three different Prime Ministers of Pakistan across a period of four years.

Consequent to retiring from the Pakistan Army, Shahryar has successfully – and single-handedly – established and successfully managed four distinguishable business ventures.

Saad is a veteran of Pakistan Army’s elite Special  Service Group. Much through out his service he was part of elitist Hostage Rescue Unit of  Pakistan Army.

After retirement he has undertaken many Corporate Security related courses from ASIS (Certified Protection Professional course) and from Control Risks Group UK(Security Management and Consultant Courses).

Momin is Barrister-at-Law (Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn), Bar Vocational Course (City University, London), LLB Honours (University of London)

After being called to the Bar from the hon’ble Society of Lincoln’s Inn, Momin has been an independent legal practitioner specialising in corporate, commercial and labour laws in Pakistan.

He has since forayed into commercial and business affairs and now heads Compliance, Legal and Regulatory Affairs of USS.


USS aspires to bring about a qualitative change in how security companies are perceived and thus root their ethos in “reimagining security”

Our core team comprises of veterans of the Pakistan Army’s renowned Special Service Group (SSG) who bring forth comprehensive combat and field experience having served in challenging security environments. Besides SSG veterans, USS’s executive management is a diverse amalgamation of professionals from the fields of law, information technology, business management and academia. USS passionately believes that its diverse management structure gives it an advantage few others have in preparing and offering bespoke solutions to its clientele!